The LEDA Yard


1946 – 1957. Military shipyard – „I.Cetinić“ – built 121 torpedo & other navy ships.

1957 – 1964. Shipyard „Brodograditelj“ – built 10 merchant ships

1964 – 1998. Shipyard „Inkobrod“ overhaul and construction of vessels (merchant, passengers, cleaners, tugboats, lighters, barges, sailing cranes, special offshore boats…), equipment for other shipyards, bridges, process industry, halls and other structures. Hydraulic hatch covers, cargo access, loading-unloading ramps, hydraulic doors, special equipment built under the MacGregor-Navire licence, in total more than 40.000t of steel.

1999 – until Today. Shipyard „Leda“ continue shipbuilding and producing special hatch covers, superstructures and sections for shipyards. From 2002 partnership with Peters Shipyard from Netherland has specialized LEDA to become “casco plus” shipyard: hulls with complete steel equipment, pipelines, installation of rudders, propellers, hatches, including final painting, total more than 30.000t of steel and aluminium.

Taking into consideration above mentioned references and the experience of the people, Leda aims to continue with the same production program as per following: building and equipping of smaller vessels for various purposes; up to about 130m in length, repair and conversion of vessels up to about 1.000t of total weight, manufacture of steel constructions for different purposes, manufacture, assembly and repair of equipment for access to cargo; different types of hatch-covers, loading/unloading ramps, decks, lifts, side doors and alike, manufacture of other ship-equipment; equipment for mooring, ship-door and alike, manufacture of ship-sections for larger shipyards, design services.

Physical properties

The total area of the yard is approximately 78.016 m2, (cca. 52.700 m2 land and cca. 21.000 m2 marine) including 25.300 m2 of outer work platforms, and 9.500 m2 of inner, well equipped (cranes, cutters, welding machines, etc.), closed and protected workshops.

The yard has a slipway measuring 140 meters on land and another 60 meters under water. The maximum width of the vessel on the slipway is 25 meters.

The area of the main working platform measures 4.500 m2 and is serviced by a crane with a capacity of 2 x 50 t.

The workshops used for production of sections, measuring in total 3.700 m2 covered and 1.400 m2 uncovered working space and supported by various cranes in the range of 5 to 50 t.

Contact Information

Dubrovačka cesta 20

Phone: +385 20 71 53 07
Fax: +385 20 71 53 08

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